Training Update

This week has shaped up to be a very time intensive, run focused week.  Not my heaviest week, but one of the heavier.  Here's a look at what I've been up to over the past several days and what's on tap for the weekend:

Sat 8/9: 6 hour Zone 2 ride
Sun 8/10: 5 hour Zone 2 climbing ride -- @ 8,000 ft of elevation gain
Mon 8/11: 4000 yd swim workout & 2 hour Zone 2 ride
Tues 8/12: 90 minute Zone 2 flat run
Wed 8/13: 3 hour 45 minute ride focusing on climbing and "Big Gear" interval work
Thurs 8/14: 4000 yd swim workout followed by a 2 hour Zone 2 / 15 mile run
Fri 8/15: 4300 yd swim workout followed by 3 hour Zone 2 ride
Sat 8/16: 2 hour 30 minute morning run & a 1 hour evening run
Sunday 8/17: 5 hour ride

Totals: 24 hours of total training for the week (35 hours if you include last weekend 9 day total) or 24:45 of riding, 7 hours of running and 3:25 of swimming.

And its just going to continue to ramp up, with a few rest week cycles sandwiched in over the next 3 1/2 months as Thanksgiving approaches.  Focus is turning to getting ready for that 52 mile run -- my biggest achilles heal and unknown.  Swimming form is slowly returning and the consistency on the bike is proving results.  Feeling great and never stronger.  Very confident in the program my coach has laid out and looking forward to the 5-6 very hard weeks ahead.  Viva Ultraman!

One issue that continues to come up is my vegan diet.  People seem to have a hard time conceptualizing that I can do this training on diet that is devoid of meat, eggs, dairy -- even gluten.  All I can say is that I've never felt better -- I'm getting stronger by the week and my recovery between workouts has been good.

Stay tuned -- I have some future postings on my nutrition and overall diet coming up soon in future posts.