Lezak is God

Best.  Relay.  Ever.  Supplants my memory of Bruce Hayes holding off Michael Gross of Germany in the final leg of the men's 4x200 free relay at the 1984 LA Olympics.

No words to describe the superhuman performance of Jason Lezak, who split a mind-numbing 46.06 -- fastest 100 free relay split of all time.

This is what the Olympics is all about, baby.

With his hardest 2 races out of the way, I don't see Phelps failing to get his 8.  Lochte was off form in the 400 IM, leaving the 200 IM wide open for Phelps.  And according to Rowdy Gaines, Phelps pushed an incredible 51.4 100 fly in the middle of practice at the Singapore training camp, a time that would have garnered bronze in Athens.  So frankly, I just don't see Crocker beating him in the 100 fly.

Tonight -- the 200 free final.  Cant wait.