Training Update

I'm back into a heavy training rotation and feeling very strong after my recovery week.

I rode 96 miles on Saturday and felt totally tapered.  Could have thrown down another 90 no problem.  Sunday I got back on the bike for a 5 hour climbing ride, taking on 3 of the harder long ascents in my area -- Topanga, Piuma and Mulholland -- altogether about 9,000 in elevation.  Felt no real residual fatigue from the previous day's ride.

Today I blasted a 4,000 yd swim workout of 10x400 and finally feel the strength returning to my upper body.  Followed this with a 2 hour ride and still feeling fresh despite the heavy weekend.

All said, my confidence in my program is growing by the week.  Can't wait to do the Santa Barbara triathlon at the end of the month to gauge my progress.