Gary Blogs for the LA Times

My favororite outspoken and colorful swimmer Gary Hall Jr. is now blogging for the LA Times.  Check out his first post here.

At age 33, Gary was still in the hunt for a fourth Olympic berth, narrowly missing with his 21.91 50 freestyle attempt at Olympic Trials.  A time that would have won any previous Olympic Games and still landed him at 18th in the World.  At age 33.

Gary is never short on opinions or flair.  He's a guy the sport needs and right now he carries the lion's share of the PR burden in trying to keep the general public interested in the sport in the intervening years between Olympiads.

Whether its his costumed capes, his fearless indictments on doping, his laissez faire approach to life and sport, his work on behalf of diabetes (he is a diabetic) or musings on his pet monkey, I always look forward to his thoughts.  His charisma is rare in the sport of swimming and I hope he continues to share himself with the World.  I look forward to more blogs.  Keep it up Gary!