Gary Hall Jr: Cavic will upset Phelps

Check out todays post from the always outspoken and sometimes outlandish Gary Hall Jr. in the LA Times Olympics blog in which he states that the pole position Serb/So Cal swimmer Milorad ("Mike") Cavic will upset Phelps in tonight's 100 fly.  From watching the prelims and semis in the 100 fly, its clear that Cavic is gunning for it big time.  I hate to say it, but Phelps is definitely in jeopardy.  I think Cavic is the biggest threat to the quest for 8.  But then again, Phelps' schedule is finally lightening up, giving him some much needed rest going into the final, airing tonight.  And if anything, Phelps is a fierce competitor, a closer.

It promises to be a true barn burner.