Thank You!

Just wanted to drop a line of thanks to everyone who supported me over the last six months in pursuit of my Ultraman goal.  As I mentioned from the podium at the awards dinner, nobody gets to Ultraman alone.  I know this for sure.

First, my incredible wife Julie and my 4 kids.  Without their love and support, it would not have been possible.  Julie is and has been so supportive, it moves me to even think about it.  Despite all the long training weekends, she has been my backbone and my biggest fan.  And I can honestly say that we have come out the backside of this experience more in love than ever.  My only Ultraman regret is that she and the kids could not make the trip due to finances.  This is something I intend to correct for '09 and a great experience to go back next year!

To my coach Chris Hauth.  The man with the plan.  Chris knew exactly how hard to push me and wrote the perfect training plan for me.  Then came through with the optimal race strategy -- including my strategy for the 52.4 mile run that made all the difference and kept me up high in the overall rankings.  There is NO WAY I could have even approached this feat without Chris.

To my UM Crew -- Chris Uettwiller, LW Walman and my dad.  I had no idea what a rough job this would be.  They rose to the occasion with flying colors, always ready with the solution.  I owe all of them big time!

To the Maximum Hope Foundation -- Jill & Kimberley have been a fantastic support throughout.  I raised a fair amount of money for this worthy charity, only wish I had raised more.  Again, another reason to return in '09!

To my training buddies -- Chris Uettwiller, Dave Meyer and Vinnie Tortorich, as well as the occasional rides with Tony Pritzker, Darren Wald, Bob Steinberg, Jeff Seabold and Gary Bub.  Although most of my training was lone wolf, these guys kept me going both on and off the bike.

To the Ultraman staff and particular Jane Bockus.  When I called her 8 months ago and begged her to let me in the race, she must have thought I was crazy ("You've never even done a half-ironman?").  So grateful that she took a chance on me and let me in the race.  She had no reason to let me in, as I had done close to nothing to warrant an invite.  Jane, you changed my life.  No joke.

To all the great friends and colleagues I met at Ultraman, always quick with encouragement and advice for the newcomer -- Grant at BikeWorks who worked on my fit; Gary Wang who had tons of advice for me and made sure I was invited / included in all the pre-race athlete rendezvous; Jason Lester, with whom I know I will be growing closer; Shanna Armstrong, always in control -- just another day at the office for her:); Peter Mueller, Miro Kregar, Brian Smallwood, Josef Ajram and on and on.

To my law partner Steve Kaplan, who supported me throughout, despite some afternoon arrivals at the office and a few sneaky Fridays mysteriously gone from work.

To my parents and my sister, always encouraging, so much so that my dad flew all the way from DC to crew for me, certainly unprepared for what he would encounter, yet thrilled by it all.

To all my friends all over the country and overseas who followed my journey on Facebook or by e-mails and phone calls.  The outpouring of support was truly moving.

I love you all.


don said...

And thanks to you for letting us be part of the adventure. I also wanted thank you for the great race report that you posted. I thought a lot about the pacing information that you wrote about on your last day at Ultraman during my 55 km race last weekend. Sure, it was no Ultraman but even at that shorter distance, your pacing advice bode well for me.
Thanks man