Ford Ironman World Championships on NBC

Damn if NBC doesn't know how to dramatize.  Check out the promo for this weekend's broadcast of the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championships on NBC.  The tympanic drums, and symphonic musical score, the epic cinematography, the panoramic landscape, the warrior athletes -- NBC has a way of making this event seem like the Battle or Algiers or Saving Private Ryan.  Pretty cool though, I must admit, especially since I just traversed this same hallowed ground only 2 weeks ago.  

Every year NBC does a great job on this broadcast, balancing the pro race against always compelling human interest stories.  And speaking of inspirational human interest stories, Jason Lester told me the NBC crew was tracking him pretty closely during this event, so I have my fingers crossed that he is one of the highlighted athletes.

Pumped to check this out -- tune in December 13 at 2:30 (EST).