Brendan Brazier

In my last post (and in several previous posts), I mentioned Brendan Brazier, pro triathlete, vegan, inspirational speaker, writer of The Thrive Diet and the person behind the VEGA nutrition products that I use and have promoted on this site.

However, I have never met or spoken to Brendan.  Until now.  I just got an e-mail from him giving me a thumbs up on my Ultraman performance and thanking me for putting the word out on all things Vega.  My pleasure, Brendan.

And if that's not cool enough, turns out he recently moved to LA from Vancouver, so trying to hook up with him for lunch at my local favorite vegan joint, Real Food Daily.

So cool.

Check out this little video he put together....Nice.


don said...

I've got that book and reading it is on my list of things to do over the holidays. I really enjoyed Brendan's video. Nice to see all my fave local bike routes caught on film.

Matt! said...

Wow! There are a number of vegan athletes in the LA area. Amazing. Welcome. And congratulations on Ultraman!