More Photos From Ultraman

Here are a bunch of photos taken by my crew buddy LW throughout the UM odyssey.  He gave me a disc with over 800 photos he took along the way.  This is the first batch.  I'll post a few more later.  But this should begin give you an idea of just how hard, fun, exhausting, exhilirating and incredible this event is.

Day 1, and well into the 6.2 mile swim.  I tied an orange squid fishing lure to the back of the kayak with some ribbon and weights and just focused on watching it bobble all morning, like a mantra.  I still can't get that image out of my head.

My dad seems happy.  But this was only the first day in the van.  Its not easy spending 26 hours in a van with a bunch of guys you don't know, but they were beyond great.  And although I'm sure he had no idea what to expect, I know he had a great time.  I am so grateful he made the trip.  Josef Ajram told me he is poaching my dad for his crew next year.

Coming out of the swim.  Other than a few minor stings, I didn't suffer any sever jellyfish attacks. Many others were not so lucky.


Out of the water and onto the bike.  90 miles and almost 8000' of climbing ahead of me before I can rest.  Honestly, I floundered in transition.  It took me forever to get out of here.  I was completely out of it and dehydrated.  I think I drank 3 water bottles on the first 2 mile climb out of Keahou Bay.

Brief father-son bonding moment before I head out on the Day 1 bike.  I think my dad is trying to figure out what to do.



LW on the road.  Pretty much sums up this guy. He doesn't mess around.  Glad he's on my side.  He was rock solid.

My dad and Shanna Armstrong's crew dude Johhny Phillips.  I tried to convince my dad to put on the skirt.  It didn't really work out.  He was too focused on LW's tattoos and musing about the Hawaiian national bird, the Ne Ne.

Day 2 bike -- 170 miles / 8600' of climbing.  Nice and steady for the first 100.  Not sure where we are here -- had to be about 1/2 into the day's ride -- but I'm thinking about that steep climb up the Kohalas at mile 150.

My crew captain Chris Uettwiller, always prepared and ready with my nutrition and motivation.  He worked his butt off for me.  I totally underestimated how hard the crew job really is.  I think he did too, but he totally rose to the occasion and beyond.  I owe him big time.

My dad and Chris.  Shirking their crew responsibilities for a bonding moment.

Day 2 again.  As you can tell, it was starting to get hot.

Pre-dawn, Day 3 at the athlete and crew breakfast in Hawi.  Everyone is lathering up with sunscreen for a long hard hot day on the lava fields.  On the left is Tony O'Keefe.  A true badass super stud.  Not only is he Director of the Royal Canadian Military College, he is a perennial top finisher at UM, including a slew of runner up finishes as well as a couple appearances at the RAAM cross country bicycle race.  He crushed Day 1 with the fastest time.  I won't forget him whizzing by me a couple hours into my Day 1 bike leg.  He smiled at me, flashing a toothless gap that scared the crap out of me.  No doubt a hockey injury.  On the right is Dan Bodden, another member of the Canadian Military Mafia.  If we had been attacked during the race. these guys would have taken care of business.

Lathering up for Day 3, 52.4 mile run from Hawi to Kona on the scorcher lava fields.

Chris paces me with my nutrition.  No blisters, no stomach issues, no cramps.  I was being looked after very well.

This should give you an idea of just how hot it was out there.


3 Days
320 miles

26 hours
33 minutes
42 seconds

11th overall
3rd fastest American
2nd fastest swimmer

I can't believe I just did that.

Peter Mueller, Shanna Armstrong and me, post-race.

My dad and his girlfriend

Above, Josef Ajram totally out of it after the run.  I gotta give it to him -- he really went for it.  Out in 3:45 at the marathon mark, only to hit the wall with cramps, blisters, heat exhaustion, you name it.  He still finished the run in 8:33, but here he is in medical shock.  But after a couple cheeseburgers back at the hotel, he was fine.

Jason Lester and me at the awards dinner; the results waxboard; and Alexandre Ribeiro, the 2008 Champion.