A Few Pictures

Still waiting on a disc with tons of Ultraman photos, but in the meantime, thought I'd post a few from the UM website. They are low res thumbnails, so apologies for the small file size & fuzziness. 

Here I am at the end of Day 1.  I was 2nd out of the swim and held that spot for a while before being passed by Seedhouse, O'Keefe and Ribeiro a couple hours in.  I gave it all I had but was starting to fade on the 22 mile climb ('3950 of elevation gain) to the finish.  Here Miro Kregar passes me with only 1/2 mile to go for the day.  That was hard to swallow, my only comfort being that Miro went on to win the 52.4 mile run in a stunning 6:14 to finish 3rd overall. 

Another one of Miro blasting his move on me.  I was powerless!

Out of the water and onto the bike for the Day 1 90 miler with 7600' of elevation gain.  My crew captain Chris Uettwiller hooks me up.

Coming out of the water in 2nd position, 2 minutes behind leader Marty Raymond.  He busted a surge on me at 2K, opened a gap but never widened it.  Should have gone with him.  I'm looking pretty wobbly.  Though my time was a bit slower than I was expecting, the currents were not favorable this year, slowing everyone at least 10 minutes.

Group photo of all the competitors at the pre-race meeting the day before.  That's me in front, 3rd from the right.